DBZ Remastered Episodes

by Rakka

DBZ Remastered Episodes


I have search a lot of websites dedicated to Dragonball Z but never really found one that you can actually watch and download it at the same time. With every stunning quality episodes of Dragonball Z to the the new series of Dragonball Kai are availabe for streaming and direct download for absolutely.. free! The original of Dragonball and GT series is nothing but a click away from your mouse, how awesome is that? There are many reason to visit this and I believe they will add some more content like the all the Dragonball fighting games and strategy. I would also like to hear some of the soundtracks form the series but can’t seem to find that anywhere but back to the website. This one is about watching and download yes.. can’t ask for from here if that is what you been searching.

Oh and did I mention Digitally Remastered for all the Dragonball Z episodes? Yes.. that is. Plus all the movies that have been released. Does that means they have the new Evolution too? Well, of course they do or.. the oldest of the old.. Like, The Magic Begins; Ever watch that before? How about this one “The Path to Power’? and many many.. more that I can go on for days if continue. Found a lot of episodes from the original series of Dragonball that I haven’t watch in the past was a big thrill for me. First time seeing the GT series on this site also but I’m not too much into it as much as the other series. It doesn’t really do it for me but hey, I know there’s ton you out there that would love to get this to your hands.


As for the website, its looks and feel is very nicely done and organize. You don’t have to worry about all the pops up like other websites interrupting you while you’re enjoying your super series. Watch how Goku transform himself in to Super Saiyan 3 is speecless and the way that the character turn into after the fusion of Gotenks is hillarious. The design is so simple yet well put together for you viewing pleasure. Most of all, everything works and it’s easy to use and while you there you can also have a chat with others DBZ fans just like you. Most of all, kick back with a bag of popcorn or two and have a blast to your favorite episodes. Well, that is what I did and I’m still not over this Animated series any time yet. Hopefully, they will come with something better than Dragonball Kai I would say but hey.. it’s not too bad of a wrap up Dragonball from beginning to end to if you haven’t seen any of its series.

It’s your choice or you can just skip right to the videos or the download section to get to your specific episode. Download it to your desktop or burn it to your DVD collections..whatever you like, it doesn’t even matter as long as you can have it whenever you’re fiening for it. As for me, I like to watch it online whenever I want too but then some prefer it on their big wide screen. So if you are a super DBZ stan then you really need to be at this place. But then again don’t spend too much time watching it and forgot all about my social life. It is to meant for that, but if you are really bore and have nothing else to do then what I can say right? Let the all episodes exercise your mind, from the old to the new series of Dragonball. That should some it up I hope so….

Anyways.. just visit http://www.dragonballztv.net if you are up to watch dragonball z or download remastered dragonball z. And sorry Goku, go Vegeta!

If you have any comments or questions, feel free to write in the comment box below or email him at gurumarusaki@gmail.com. Thank you

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